Our Short Residential Courses

These courses are designed to support the Distance Learning Courses.

The profession of Clock and Watchmaking is a subject that embraces the art and science of Horology.  Clocks and watches must be accurate, provide instant information, be durable and visually pleasing.  A BHI trained horologist will have excellent practical skills and extensive theoretical knowledge. The BHI is committed to providing the highest standards of practical and theoretical learning.   Our course tutors are qualified and experience.

To become a successful horologist you need to practice your hand skills, along with techniques for servicing clocks and watches, these techniques are difficult to learn from books. With the correct tutoring that the BHI provide during our residential course, will give students an understanding of the practical level and quality of a service expected by an employer and to achieve a result in the level 3, 4 and 5 examinations. It must be stressed that these skills should also be practiced until the time pieces become familiar to the point where a fault or malfunction can be instantly recognised.

Choosing a course that suits chosen subject, your previous knowledge and skill level, is important. A full list of these course can be found in the recourses page of this site.

Residential Courses Recommended for DLC Students – British Horological Institute Limited (sg-host.com)

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